PHP – How to create a simple Debian/Ubuntu package for PHP

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WARNING: This is probably not the right way to create a package for PHP. Do not use this in production for anything. This is just a test / intro into my package building capabilities! If you or anyone you know knows the correct way to package PHP please comment down below, otherwise I’ll never learn right

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1. git clone
2. mkdir /root/package-build/ && mv php-src /root/package-build/php-7.3.11
3. cd /root/package-build/php-7.3.11 && git checkout php-7.3.11
4. ./buildconf –force
5. dh_make –createorig
6. nano debian/rules

Append the following (these are our configure options)

        dh_auto_configure -- --prefix=/root/package-build/php-7.3.11/debian/php/opt/php73 --with-zlib-dir --with-freetype-dir --enable-mbstring --with-libxml-dir=/root/package-build/php-7.3.11/debian/php/usr --enable-soap --enable-calendar --with-curl --with-gd --disable-rpath --enable-inline-optimization --with-bz2 --with-zlib --enable-sockets --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --enable-pcntl --enable-mbregex --enable-exif --enable-bcmath --with-mhash --enable-zip --with-pcre-regex --with-pdo-mysql --with-mysqli --with-jpeg-dir=/root/package-build/php-7.3.11/debian/php/usr --with-png-dir=/root/package-build/php-7.3.11/debian/php/usr --with-openssl --with-fpm-user=www-data --with-fpm-group=www-data --with-libdir=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu --enable-ftp --with-kerberos --with-gettext --with-xmlrpc --with-xsl --enable-opcache --enable-fpm --with-imap-ssl --with-imap --enable-intl

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure the spacing before “dh_auto_configure” is exactly one tab, spaces DO NOT WORK.
7. debuild

Bam! That’s it. In /root/package-build you should now have an assembled PHP package that installs to /opt/php73.

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